'Living the Dream'

As well as the Kennixton Flocks I also have the pleasure of being shepherd to Mrs Helen Joy's rare breed flock of Castlemilk Moorit Sheep - The Swanbridge Flock

Mrs Joy's stud ram, Ivo, spends most of the year living in a Ram group with my Poll Dorset and Shetland boys.  However, during Summer 2016 & 2017, I was privileged to take Ivo to several major agricultural shows where, alongside Mrs Joy, it was wonderful to be able to show him off to so many people who had only seen this wonderful old breed in the pages of a book or as an image on a website. 

I am also delighted to say that at the Royal Bath & West Show he was placed in both of his classes, quite an achievement for the breed.

                                                   ABOUT CASTLEMILK MOORIT SHEEP

The Castlemilk Moorit is one of the larger primitive (type) breeds with mature ewes weighing in the region of 40kgs. (85lbs.) and rams 55kgs. (120lbs.) The head is clean and level between the ears. The ewes exhibit two uniform and wide spreading horns which are much heavier and evenly spiralled in the rams, avoiding the cheeks.

The neck should be well set on the shoulders following on to a straight back and well sprung ribs; the tail is naturally short and narrow. Both sexes should be upstanding on clean fine-boned legs, with naturally small feet. It’s whole appearance is graceful and well balanced; they are extremely agile and fleet footed.

Light brown or moorit in colour, they have definite mouflon pattern markings to include white underparts around the eyes, lower jaw, belly, knees and inside lower leg and tail together with a rump patch. 

           'Ivo - Summer 2016'

To discover more about these sheep visit the Swanbridge Flockers, the Castlemilk Moorit Breed Society and the Rare Breed Survival Trust (RBST)